Bring a little warmth to your winter

It’s right after the holidays that the winter seems endless, particularly when the temperatures are in the single digits and a foot or more of snow falls. While you can’t make the season go any faster, kgbdeals has a few excellent ways to keep the cold at bay.

1. Slip on a sweater. This trendy bat wing style keeps you fashion forward while staying cozy. With your pick of colors and a size to fit just about everyone, this piece is about to be come your seasonal staple for the home, office or errands.

2. Don’t let your digits freeze. Keeping in contact on your touch screen device is a way of life, and with 6 pairs of touchscreen gloves, you can text the day away without your fingers turning blue. Be a winter weather pal and give a pair to that social media addict in your life.

3. Layer it up. The best defense against frigid wind is a good set of layers. Add these cute and functional leg warmers to your leggings or skinny jeans for a little extra help. This faux leather jacket will also aid in your efforts to stay warm and the adorable ruffles add a a touch of feminine flair.

4. Keep your piggies happy. You’ve seen those people who wear flip flops in all kinds of weather. Don’t be that person. Everyone loves a good Aussie style boot, especially when you can just slip them on and head out the door.

5. Warm up together. Snuggling up with your special someone is a highly recommended (and highly pleasing) way to show Old Man Winter who’s boss. Start your snowed in day together with extra fun in the form of the tickler vibrator. There’s no rule that says you have to bundle up to stay warm.

Don’t let the winter get you down – just keep shopping our deeply discounted winter deals for more hot savings. And remember: spring is just around the corner.

Prepare yourself for a day of love

One day devoted to love can put a lot of pressure on a person.

Even if you already have a Valentine and plans set, you still need to prepare. When your one-and-only stares at your over candlelight at a romantic dinner for two, you want to look good. Since we’re believers in true love and are always eager to help, here are a few kgbdeals that will help you look terrific and set the mood:

1. It all starts with a clear complexion. Make sure your face brush is ready to go with two Clarisonic Compatible Replacement Heads for only $10. With five brush styles to choose from (normal, deep pore, sensitive, acne and delicate), you get exactly what you need for a glowing, rejuvenated complexion.

2. Work it out. We all wish we could be a tighter than we are. If you need to whip your body into shape in a hurry, we’ve got some options. You can try Yacon, a vegetable that grows in the high Andes of Peru. It promotes weight loss, healthy digestion and helps reduce bad cholesterol and blood sugar, plus more. We’re offering it in capsule and the more concentrated syrup form. For a full-body workout, try The Chair Gym.  We’ve also got a way to work out and increase your libido, doubly perfect for Valentine’s Day. It’s the Cuerpaso Workout and you really have to try it for yourself. Check back tomorrow for the Gymform Duo Muscle stimulator to tone, strengthen and firm muscles.

3. No time or funds for a professional mani? No problem. Protect against smears and mistakes with a 10-piece manicure protector set. For the daring types who want to make an impression, we also have glow-in-the-dark nail polish. You never know when someone’s going to turn out the lights.

4. Bake a sweet treat. Tomorrow, we’ll be running heart-shaped cupcake holders. These silicone molds make the perfect romantic treat. They’re also great for parties and kids. Check back tomorrow to purchase.

5. Dress yourself. Forget the flowers, dinner and even the gift, it all comes down to what you’re wearing. Make a splash in the trendy, sexy Melanie Dress. For just $16, you’re sure to turn heads in this sultry number with sheer cutouts and accents.  Take the plunge instead with the V-Neck Surplice Dress  in choice of red or black. You can purchase starting tomorrow. You can find plenty of other fashion touches like the batwing sweater, a versatile, stylish cardigan that’ll keep you warm.

6. You need to accessorize. How do you discreetly lug around your cell (and a credit card just in case)? For only $5, the Crown Smartphone wallet gives you a stylish way to tote around your necessities. Plus, you choose from five romantic colors.  If a sleepover is in your future, pack everything you need in a faux leather and suede tote. It’s large enough for all your stuff, yet looks an everyday bag, so you won’t get any raised eyebrows.

7. Need some jewelry? You don’t have to spend a fortune on jewelry to look like you did. We have a variety of sparkling gems, all with a whole lot of “wow” factor and a small price tag. There’s the cheeky Royal Ring, classic white gold plated heart necklace and the “you must have spent a fortune” $6 Austrian Crystal Drop Earrings or $4 Crystal Stud Earrings. There’s a lot of jewelry to choose from and more added all the time, so check the jewelry page often.

8. Be prepared for the after party. If you know your evening will be taking an intimate turn, you’ll want to slip into something more comfortable. This heart print chemise with matching panties running Wednesday is a great way to end the day. You can purchase starting Wednesday!

9. Pick up your gifts. Our last post mentioned a lot of the gifts currently on our site, and there’s always something new. From flowers and a His and Her Necklace Set to a design-it-yourself Love U Notebook, we have something for everyone.

Now that you have everything you need, the only thing left is to prepare yourself for love.

Sometimes procrastination isn’t planned — it’s a defense mechanism

If you’ve walked into a store anytime in the past two weeks, you’ve been accosted with a display of red hearts, stuffed animals and chocolates. If you’re anything like us, the immediate response was to run in the opposite direction.

This doesn’t make you a Valentine’s Day hater or jaded cynic, it makes you a normal person. Between work, family, friends and/or kids, not to mention the new diet, exercise routine and whatever other resolution you’re hell bent on making happen, who has time to think about Valentine’s Day in January?

Take a deep breath, wipe the sweat from your brow and let’s tackle this the nice and easy way.

1. Pour yourself a cup of coffee, grab your device of choice and let’s see what kgbdeals has to offer. Sign up for our emails or just visit our site —  

2. Think about who you want to treat. Despite the emphasis on couples, Valentine’s Day is really a day to share your love with anyone special to you — your best friendparentschildrenpets and even coworkers.  

3. Buy as you see something that sparks your interest. The beauty of shopping in January is you have time to think about your purchases. But pay attention to shipping. While our deals stay on the page for a few days, each one has a different shipping time. You can find estimated shipping time in the fine print.

4. There’s no reason to break the bank. We are a daily deals site. What does that mean exactly? We have a variety of price points well below average retail value. You can find items from $5 and up, with low, mid and high priced options in nearly every category. We even have a $4 jewelry deal on the site right now.

5. When in doubt, stick to the classics. For the most part, every lady loves jewelry and men love thoughtful and useful things with a manly touch. Sweeping generalizations maybe, but you can’t go wrong when you go traditional. A big Valentine’s Day mainstay is flowers. Luckily for you, we’ve got that covered as well with an upcoming $15 for $30 deal coming your way.

6. Of course, unique is great too. We’re always coming up with new, one-of-a-kind gifts. There’s something incredibly special about dedicating a star to someone you love. The best part? It’s not just for your significant other. It’s a sweet gift for a friend, child, grandchild, niece or nephew.

7. Don’t forget to treat yourself. When you shop with us, you’re saving money. Sure, you can use it for some boring everyday purchase or you can get something fun just for you. Maybe it’s new boots or something more adult (you’re going to need to keep an eye on your email for the latter). Regardless, there’s something thrilling about being your own Valentine.

8. When you’re saving money, there’s no such thing as over shopping. If you’re not sure what the best gift for someone is or even if you should be getting them a gift at all (thank you awkward 1-month pre-Valentine’s-Day dating period), there’s no harm in picking something up just in case. Our kgbdeals are so versatile they make a great gift for any occasion.

Remember, kgbdeals is a safe zone. It’s a place where you can shop in the comfort of your home (even in your pajamas) without the worry that you’ll knock over a four-tier display of teddy bears as you barrel out of the store screaming from sensory overload.

It’s Valentine’s Day done nice and easy.

The 4 types of Valentine’s Day gifts (hint: one is passive-aggressive)

Who are you impressing next week? kgbdeals are great for helping you to make the right move – check out our special Valentine’s channel.

There's plenty of love to go all the way around. photo by happyhipposnacks via Flickr

Here are some top picks to inspire (mostly) New York Valentines. (But hurry, ’cause many are expiring very soon! And trust us, your date will appreciate just a little advance planning.)

We think that male chivalry is NOT dead, but we also believe in gender-neutral gestures of romanticism for all types of relationships. kgbdeals hope that both women and men of all preferences are looking to make their lovers/crushes/long-term partners swoon Feb 14, 2012.

Now for the deals. There are basically four categories for Valentine’s gifts and gestures: Safe/Romantic; “The Test”; Vaguely Passive-Aggressive; and Practical. As follows:

Safe/Romantic: good for new relationships or when you know your S.O. likes a classic surprise.

Eyelash extensions. Okay, first one’s for you — you can only really love someone else if you love yourself first. Make sure he or she feels the breeze when you bat your eyeball fringe. Also turns butterfly kisses to the neck into unbearable tickle attacks!

Queen sized Egyptian sheet set for 75% off. Really, a gift for both of you.

-There’s bouquet of romantic getaways available on the Destinations Channel in or around New York State! Half off or more on two nights each at an upstate New York bed & breakfast; in the Catskillsat Niagara Falls Ontario.

$15 for two pillow animals. Obviously an ideal Valentine’s gifts for your little ones. They also make a great third and fourth party most grownup couples won’t mind having join the snugglefest.

$15 for $30 worth of flowers and $25 toward dining. Don’t quite know your date inside and out yet? Lots of ladies are happy to receive blooms and a romantic meal.

70% off massage, facials, and more at Lia Schorr. Exquisite pamperage for ladies AND men.

Tapas and paella in Chelsea for $25. The Spanish do romantic meals like it’s their job.

“The Test”: find out how your date reacts to silly, adrenaline pumping, or unusual stuff.

$28 admission to Perfect Crime. Test your date’s intelligence and sense of humor with this classic, whodunit dinner theater event – the longest-running play in New York.

72% off a 60-minute rifle experience in Queens. Recommended for really solid, trusting relationships.

$30 custom bobblehead. Determine how well he or she takes a joke by having a moving caricature custom-made of him or her and yourself. (Bonus: makes a satisfying wall throwing item following particularly messy breakups.)

An $89 flying lesson. Test your sweetie’s ambition to reach the skies.

$19 for jewelry scarves. How well does your date pull off avant-garde fashion? (Meanwhile, you prove you know what’s up.)

Passive-Aggressive: you’ve been together for a while. Sometimes your gifts to each other serve as little nudges in one direction or another.

Half off an e-cigarette starter kit (Expires early on Feb. 8, so hurry for this one!) Imply that your main squeeze’s smoking habit is becoming a deal-breaker, but disguise it as “I care about your health and want to make sure you’re around for a long time.”

63% off three hours of home cleaning The perfect hint about your partner’s cleanliness level and a way to nag-proof your relationship.

Practical: you know who you are.

Half off Lasik surgery for both eyes. If you’re absolutely positive your near-sighted lover knows what you really look like – and won’t run in the other direction upon opening his or her newly vision-corrected peepers. Bonus points: taking care of a loved one post-op cements your reputation as a sweetheart.

We’d ask what you’re doing for your honey next Tuesday, but we certainly don’t want to kill anyone’s surprise!

Issues with Digital Doorstep Vouchers

We are aware that customers are having difficulty redeeming their Fandango vouchers due to the bankruptcy filing of Digital Doorstep. We fully intend to make this right for our customers and have set up a special support channel to assist with issues at

We deeply regret this inconvenience and are working hard to ensure our customers are taken care of.  We appreciate your understanding and for being part of the kgbdeals family.

Happy New Year from kgbdeals!

Thanks to you for a fabulous 2011, and here’s to a very happy new year!

In 2011, kgbdeals spread to new markets in the US, Italy, France, and the UK. Our wonderful customers purchased gazillions of deals, and gamely tried all types of new experiences, foods, and stuff at nice discounts. We gave away hundreds of prizes — movie tickets, gift certificates, and products — and were honored by your presence and interactions on Facebook, Twitter, and our blog.

Each day this year our actions had one common motivation: how to give you access to the lifestyle you want in a fun and affordable way. We brought into the kgbdeals fold smaller companies like What’s the Deal (WTD) in DC, The Dealist in New York, Social buy in L.A., and DC Girls in the Know, giving us even sharper know-how in local deal-finding. As we learned more about what you wanted, we started offering products and destinations, too.

Thank you from the bottoms of our deals-loving hearts for your support, your feedback, recommendations, and for keeping us in the know about what you want (and don’t want). As always, we love hearing from you on social media and through customer support. We’re getting better because of you!


Happy New Year from the kgbdeals Merchandising Team

City InSites: New York City with Peter Chisholm

Ah, New York. Where it all began.

kgbdeals itself, that is. We launched our first deal back in March 2010, where we dazzled the local masses before spiraling to glorious international recognition as a top global social buying company. (What? Everyone should self-congratulate once in a while.) We also like to think that while that old NYC adage may be tired, it’s true: if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.

These days, one Peter Chisholm is leading New York dealmaking strategy as kgbdeals New York City Manager. In my opinion, “NY City Manager” in any regard sounds like a terrifyingly huge job. As for Chisholm’s position, the city strains to contain an entirely unmanageable number of restaurants, spas, experiences, stores, and more; some great, some good, and some not so spectacular. His job entails figuring out how to deliver to you only high-quality deals.

picture of smiling peter chisholm

Peter Chisholm, NYC City Manager for kgbdeals, is going somewhere.

How does Chisholm do it? I recently had the opportunity to ask. It seems the key is taking into account the ADD-addled mind of the typical New Yorker, and seeing to it that he or she’s “never bored.” Chisholm makes sure the site offers a rainbow of variety every week, and keeps a finger to the subways-rushing-underground pulse of the city: he says that right now, the deal hotspots are Chelsea and Hell’s Kitchen.

“I’ve lived in the New York City area my whole life — from Jamaica, Queens to the Upper West Side,” he tells me, which is good because spending your entire existence here is pretty much the only way you’ll ever get a handle on the whole city, if then. I asked him what his favorite area deal so far has been, and his answer was not surprisingly a fast one: this deal for 60% off a luxury sportscar autocross in New Jersey. “You get to fly down a track in a car, Lamborghini or Ferrari, worth hundreds of thousands of dollars for 99 bucks! Can’t wait!” he reports — and up til 5 a.m. EST on Thursday, this exhilaration can be yours, too.


Another really non-boring deal in NYC: half off very tasty French food in the Theater District, perfect for a pre- or post-show nosh.

City InSites: Atlanta

City inSites: Washington, D.C.

City InSites: Washington, DC with Brian Jarcho

Do you have a “Cheers bar”? A homey establishment that serves as the public extension of your living room? For Brian Jarcho, kgbdeals City Manager for Washington, the whole DC area is pretty much his Cheers bar.

Brian Jarcho serves wine with a grin. CHEERS.

I chatted up Jarcho recently to learn a bit about what’s happening on DC’s deal scene these days. Each week, he hits the pavement of the nation’s capital, greeting old buddies and finding new ones while he strikes deals with restauranteurs and business owners all over his hometown. Jarcho’s lived in and around Washington his whole life — save his college career a little further south — and lucky for Washingtonians, he knows what is up in this city. As kgbdeals’ Washington City Manager, he also leads the strategy of the local sales team, helping great places bring the best experiences to kgbdeals customers.

DC and Northern Virginia comprise one of those metro areas where the most interesting places to hang out aren’t super obvious until you know the territory well. This makes Jarcho’s deal-creating expertise and local know-how all the more critical for newcomers and under-rock-dwellers who rely on kgbdeals to point out the good stuff. That said, it won’t be a shock for just about anyone who’s been in the area for a bit to hear him opine that the Atlas District/H Street Corridor is “the hottest thing happening right now, with about two to three new establishments opening up every month between the Capitol and 15th Street.” Jarcho let on to me that he’s got a pretty fair inside edge with some of the the movers and shakers setting up shop in this fantastically dynamic neighborhood.

Jarcho’s favorite spots are those that offer a little extra something special. He describes kgbdeals merchant partner Inspire BBQ as “a hole in the wall — well, a really nice hole in the wall with amazing food” with a social impact bent, partnering with nonprofits to help nurture and teach the community. You may catch him at The Big Board Bar, where he gets a kick out of the “reverse Wall Street concept”; the prices of drinks decrease the more people order them.

Sounds like he’d be a pretty good friend to have as a DC tour guide, right?


Hit H Street with this week’s deal for 50% off at Souk, upscale Moroccan cuisine.

City InSites: Atlanta

Post Cyber Monday roundup

Though “Cyber Monday” reportedly saw its biggest US spending ever at $1.25 billion, kgbdealists mostly told us in Facebook comments that they were lukewarm about the whole day or didn’t think it was such a great big deal. (Perhaps because you’ve long ago completed your holiday shopping on kgbdeals Shopping channel?)

Here’s this week’s roundup of better than Black Friday and Cyber Monday holiday gift ideas:

-Fuzzy animal hats for $10 (normally $49.99). You may think they’re just for kids, but put one on and walk down the street for a warm fuzzy feeling and spontaneous smiles from strangers.

-Freshwater pearl sets at 70% off are the very definition of a no-brainer (yet still thoughtful).

-Hair gems add glitz to the strands of the glamorous, 60% off. I’ve nothing more to say than These. Are. Awesome.

-A new GPS for the directionally challenged. I know lots of people whose super old systems could use an upgrade. This TomTom for $89 is sure to set them on the right path.

How’s your holiday shopping going so far?

How to rock Thanksgiving weekend in deals

So, savvy deal-finders, will you be camped out in a parking lot this weekend, ready to scour retailers for Black Friday bargains? Many of the weekend’s deals don’t require you to leave your couch, and some you can take advantage of even if you laze around until Saturday. Here’s a roundup of some of the more interesting sales and trends we have our eye on this Thanksgiving weekend:

-Some mobile shopping apps (think Gilt) are targeting prime line-standing times to release some great deals, banking on bored consumers who are standing around just waiting to shop. (But you don’t have to be in line anywhere to take advantage.)

-Speaking of targeting, check out our awesome Target + deal running now. Spend $25, get $25 toward Target (on or offline) plus $50 toward any resto.

-Here are the top destinations for Black Friday shoppers who will be participating from home.

-Do you know about Small Business Saturday? If you have an American Express card, you can register it for a $25 bonus when you spend $25 at a small local business. It’s like getting a free gift while you support the funky independent shop on your block.

-There’s some substance behind the mania: LCD TVs really are falling to their lowest price points on Black Friday. If you’re in the market, you might want to brave the crowds.

-Prices in Apple’s iStore will fluctuate this weekend, so if you’re buying iOS apps, do it at the right time.

Happy Thanksgiving, kgbdealists, and here’s to a wonderful start to the holiday season for you!

Looks about right for my Thanksgiving. Photo by barbourians via Flickr.


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