Some fun facts about pillows

Just one of Lon Chaney's "Thousand Faces"

  • A 1945 move entitled “Pillow of Death” addresses the story of a man who, amidst having a scandalous affair with his secretary, finds his poor wife smothered to death by a pillow… followed by more death. I won’t spoil the end for you.
  • The (massively reputable) UK Daily Mail Online insists that not having the right pillow causes “semisomnia,” or low-grade exhaustion, leaving people “too shattered to get out of bed every day.”  And that a substantial portion of our pillow’s weight may be comprised of “undesirables.”
  • A recent poll on asks viewers how long they’ve had their pillow. Only 9% of people own up to having a pillow almost as old as Justin Bieber, but I suspect most are lying (I did).
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