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Bring a little warmth to your winter

It’s right after the holidays that the winter seems endless, particularly when the temperatures are in the single digits and a foot or more of snow falls. While you can’t make the season go any faster, kgbdeals has a few excellent ways to keep the cold at bay.

1. Slip on a sweater. This trendy bat wing style keeps you fashion forward while staying cozy. With your pick of colors and a size to fit just about everyone, this piece is about to be come your seasonal staple for the home, office or errands.

2. Don’t let your digits freeze. Keeping in contact on your touch screen device is a way of life, and with 6 pairs of touchscreen gloves, you can text the day away without your fingers turning blue. Be a winter weather pal and give a pair to that social media addict in your life.

3. Layer it up. The best defense against frigid wind is a good set of layers. Add these cute and functional leg warmers to your leggings or skinny jeans for a little extra help. This faux leather jacket will also aid in your efforts to stay warm and the adorable ruffles add a a touch of feminine flair.

4. Keep your piggies happy. You’ve seen those people who wear flip flops in all kinds of weather. Don’t be that person. Everyone loves a good Aussie style boot, especially when you can just slip them on and head out the door.

5. Warm up together. Snuggling up with your special someone is a highly recommended (and highly pleasing) way to show Old Man Winter who’s boss. Start your snowed in day together with extra fun in the form of the tickler vibrator. There’s no rule that says you have to bundle up to stay warm.

Don’t let the winter get you down – just keep shopping our deeply discounted winter deals for more hot savings. And remember: spring is just around the corner.

The 4 types of Valentine’s Day gifts (hint: one is passive-aggressive)

Who are you impressing next week? kgbdeals are great for helping you to make the right move – check out our special Valentine’s channel.

There's plenty of love to go all the way around. photo by happyhipposnacks via Flickr

Here are some top picks to inspire (mostly) New York Valentines. (But hurry, ’cause many are expiring very soon! And trust us, your date will appreciate just a little advance planning.)

We think that male chivalry is NOT dead, but we also believe in gender-neutral gestures of romanticism for all types of relationships. kgbdeals hope that both women and men of all preferences are looking to make their lovers/crushes/long-term partners swoon Feb 14, 2012.

Now for the deals. There are basically four categories for Valentine’s gifts and gestures: Safe/Romantic; “The Test”; Vaguely Passive-Aggressive; and Practical. As follows:

Safe/Romantic: good for new relationships or when you know your S.O. likes a classic surprise.

Eyelash extensions. Okay, first one’s for you — you can only really love someone else if you love yourself first. Make sure he or she feels the breeze when you bat your eyeball fringe. Also turns butterfly kisses to the neck into unbearable tickle attacks!

Queen sized Egyptian sheet set for 75% off. Really, a gift for both of you.

-There’s bouquet of romantic getaways available on the Destinations Channel in or around New York State! Half off or more on two nights each at an upstate New York bed & breakfast; in the Catskillsat Niagara Falls Ontario.

$15 for two pillow animals. Obviously an ideal Valentine’s gifts for your little ones. They also make a great third and fourth party most grownup couples won’t mind having join the snugglefest.

$15 for $30 worth of flowers and $25 toward dining. Don’t quite know your date inside and out yet? Lots of ladies are happy to receive blooms and a romantic meal.

70% off massage, facials, and more at Lia Schorr. Exquisite pamperage for ladies AND men.

Tapas and paella in Chelsea for $25. The Spanish do romantic meals like it’s their job.

“The Test”: find out how your date reacts to silly, adrenaline pumping, or unusual stuff.

$28 admission to Perfect Crime. Test your date’s intelligence and sense of humor with this classic, whodunit dinner theater event – the longest-running play in New York.

72% off a 60-minute rifle experience in Queens. Recommended for really solid, trusting relationships.

$30 custom bobblehead. Determine how well he or she takes a joke by having a moving caricature custom-made of him or her and yourself. (Bonus: makes a satisfying wall throwing item following particularly messy breakups.)

An $89 flying lesson. Test your sweetie’s ambition to reach the skies.

$19 for jewelry scarves. How well does your date pull off avant-garde fashion? (Meanwhile, you prove you know what’s up.)

Passive-Aggressive: you’ve been together for a while. Sometimes your gifts to each other serve as little nudges in one direction or another.

Half off an e-cigarette starter kit (Expires early on Feb. 8, so hurry for this one!) Imply that your main squeeze’s smoking habit is becoming a deal-breaker, but disguise it as “I care about your health and want to make sure you’re around for a long time.”

63% off three hours of home cleaning The perfect hint about your partner’s cleanliness level and a way to nag-proof your relationship.

Practical: you know who you are.

Half off Lasik surgery for both eyes. If you’re absolutely positive your near-sighted lover knows what you really look like – and won’t run in the other direction upon opening his or her newly vision-corrected peepers. Bonus points: taking care of a loved one post-op cements your reputation as a sweetheart.

We’d ask what you’re doing for your honey next Tuesday, but we certainly don’t want to kill anyone’s surprise!

How to rock Thanksgiving weekend in deals

So, savvy deal-finders, will you be camped out in a parking lot this weekend, ready to scour retailers for Black Friday bargains? Many of the weekend’s deals don’t require you to leave your couch, and some you can take advantage of even if you laze around until Saturday. Here’s a roundup of some of the more interesting sales and trends we have our eye on this Thanksgiving weekend:

-Some mobile shopping apps (think Gilt) are targeting prime line-standing times to release some great deals, banking on bored consumers who are standing around just waiting to shop. (But you don’t have to be in line anywhere to take advantage.)

-Speaking of targeting, check out our awesome Target + deal running now. Spend $25, get $25 toward Target (on or offline) plus $50 toward any resto.

-Here are the top destinations for Black Friday shoppers who will be participating from home.

-Do you know about Small Business Saturday? If you have an American Express card, you can register it for a $25 bonus when you spend $25 at a small local business. It’s like getting a free gift while you support the funky independent shop on your block.

-There’s some substance behind the mania: LCD TVs really are falling to their lowest price points on Black Friday. If you’re in the market, you might want to brave the crowds.

-Prices in Apple’s iStore will fluctuate this weekend, so if you’re buying iOS apps, do it at the right time.

Happy Thanksgiving, kgbdealists, and here’s to a wonderful start to the holiday season for you!

Looks about right for my Thanksgiving. Photo by barbourians via Flickr.

Energize your space with decor

There are basically two types of people in this world. Those who move into a new space, home or office, and leave the walls blankly white for months or years. Then there are those who throw art and color up on the walls as soon as they walk in the door.

Designing your space to be functional, aesthetically pleasing, soothing or energizing can change your life! Not only is the process of decorating and designing therapeutic, the result is positively gratifying.

Here are some thoughts on decorating and some tips for making your home homier than ever (or your office a really pleasing place to walk into).

Photo by urbaneapts via Flickr.

-Consider some of your favorite places and think about what colors are there. These may be great colors to consider in decorating. Also, don’t use multiple patterns of the same size that will compete with each other. [More tips here.]

-Your home is a metaphor for the self. Look at redecorating as a therapeutic process that lets you clean up and improve areas of both your home and your life.

-For most people, erring on the side of minimalism as opposed to clutter works better.

-A therapeutic office can get the productive and creative juices flowing. Utilize water elements, whimsical toys, and scents for a great workspace.

-Apply basic fen shui to your bedroom for a soothing space to rest. Pay attention to the images in your bedroom, and make sure your bed isn’t directly in line with the door.

What’s decorating your home?

If you’re looking for a place to start decorating or redecorating, I recommend a gallery wrap canvas print of an image that really speaks to you. A picture you took traveling, a favorite view, the best snapshot of you and your friends, or a soothing scene of nature in this beautiful format can inspire your decor or really bring a room together. Currently, get 61% off a high quality, custom 20 by 24 inch gallery wrap print with free shipping. (Multiple other sizes and options available.)

Burger love

Mm hmm oh yeah. Photo by BurgerAustin via Flickr

The hamburger. Subject both to continual reinvention and fierce advocacy for reversion to the classic. Fancy or standard, the average American eats about 150 hamburgers per year. Yes, as in almost every other day.

You can find hamburgers made from pork, venison, mock-meat, and candy; make them at home lovingly and individually by hand; and at certain fast food establishments, consistently receive a burger exactly the same as you’ve been eating since you were a small child. You can even officially BE a “Hamburger” (but you’d have to be from Hamburg, Germany).

Other burger points of note:

-Whitecastle came before McDonald’s by almost 20 years.

-American history of the burger is in dispute. Birthplaces are claimed in New Haven, Connecticut (at Louis’ Lunch); Athens, Texas; Seymour, Wisconsin, where a teenager began making sandwiches out of meatballs; and Tulsa, Oklahoma, where they claim they were first to slap that sucker on a bun.

-You can thank the invention of the meatchopper for the existence of hamburgers (1829).

-Burger purists and innovators frequently find themselves in near-violent standoffs. Some believe burger patties should boast only one ingredient, beefy goodness; others are all about the add-ons, like foie gras, truffle, and exotic cheese.

Craving a juicy, melty-cheese topped patty of happiness between a soft, lightly toasted bun yet? Here are some burger deals around the country running right now:

50% off at Burger House in Union Square, NYC,

Half-off at Arlington Rooftop Bar & Grill just outside Washington, D.C.,

60% off gourmet burgers in Minneapolis at B52 Burger & Brew, and

$5 for $12 at LA Burgers in Irving, Texas.

Pre-holiday diet stoke-up

There’s plenty of time to mentally arm yourself against holiday weight gain! The holidays count for 51% of weight gained throughout the year. Will you fall victim to the pudgy side effects of day after day of excuses?

Eating is a social thing, so naturally your dietary habits have a lot to do with the people in your life. This week the website Cracked rounds up the eight members of your posse who are pushing the pounds on you and how they do it. So while it’s unlikely you’re going to shove these eight people out of your life for the sake your waistline, the article’s worth a read to know these traps to avoid falling in them this holiday season.

A couple of these eight diet busters, for example:

-The person who oversentimentalizes the meaning of food. Just because it’s three days until Hanukah doesn’t mean the holiday won’t mean a thing if you skip your not even Jewish best friend’s yearly traditional three-days-before-Hanukah feast. Likewise, a birthday doesn’t have to equal cake, especially at work. As Cracked puts it: “The problem is that the 40 people in your department at work might have birthdays up to 40 times a year.”

-The overly spontaneous. Yeah, probably your most fun friend — the one who instantly wrecks your well-laid plans to attend to dance class followed by a light dinner of brown rice and vegetables, with an amazing last minute offer to attend an exclusive dinner party for free.

Who are the diet killers in your life?

Friends make friends eat more. Photo by Victoria Made via Flickr.

Looking for a few tools to keep your intentions of not gaining a pound this season intact? Here are some helpful deals:

-52% off slimming shapewear shorts (Lipo in a Box)

-50% off VitaMuffins and VitaTops, splendid treats that don’t pack the calories

72% off a slimming body wrap and massage in New York City

-75% off a month of unlimited boot camp in San Francisco80% in Chicago89% off unlimited fitness in Boston

The inside-and-out kgbdeals noggin massage

A while back, we learned that kgbdeals customers are potentially a bit stressed out and very much desire deals that give them discounts on massage. (Indeed, massage deals are right now going like hotcakes in San Diego, DC, Philly, L.A., Chicago, San Francisco, NYC… you get the idea.) We prescribed mindfulness, laughter, and downloading meditation apps on your smartphone to soothe your frazzled nerves, and we promised to keep your sometimes-stressy emotional state in mind for future relaxing deals.

This week, two wonderful ways to bring tranquility to your pretty little head, inside and out:

-Tame a turbulent intellect with self-hypnosis, the best massage technique for thoughts. Own the soothing, lulling voice of award-winning clinical therapeutic hypnotist Rick Collingwood in one of several three-title MP3 packages designed to improve your life. Learn how to manage stress and banish anxiety; drop a bad habit; train your mind to make better dietary choices; or leave grief and depression behind. 64% off at Mind Motivations.

-Once you’ve got that part under control, shower your scalp in quivering, irresistible tinglies unlike any other sensation you’ve felt before with a Headgasm. It is pretty much impossible to keep your eyes open and your mood sour while under the assuaging tentacles of this delectable-feeling head massage. 50% off 2 premium scalp massagers.

Feel better already?

Photo by Ipoh 子 via Flickr

The Eyes Have It Contest: See a movie for free!

How much attention have you paid to your soul windows lately? Some people care more than others about what their see-ers looks like — this week in the news, we learned that a California doctor has discovered a way to make brown eyes blue. (Apparently, underneath we ALL have blue eyes; some of us just have brown color on top.)

Most of us get stuck with one eye color. Photo by ihasb33r via Flickr.

Whether by changing their color, or with a wink, a glance, or a bold stare, the eyes truly let us express ourselves to the world. Take care of and enhance your peepers with these current eye-centric kgbdeals:

  • Sweet-talk your lashes into growing to new lengths with 76% off Sexy Lash eyelash enhancer. Draw it on like eyeliner, stand back, and wait for shoots of Bambi-length growth (okay, realistically: results in as little as two weeks).
  • Ensmoothen the space between your lower lashes and your cheekbones with 53% off Eye Give Up from Underology. This dark circle-removing serum lightens dark circles, de-puffs, and firms the skin.
  • Protect your orbs of perception from over-squinting and damaging rays with designer-inspired dark sunglasses, for a song: 60% off Inspired Shades with this national voucher.

Lastly, let kgbdeals treat your ogling devices to the film of your choice for free. Tell us in the comments which upcoming or current flick you’re most excited to see; one lucky commenter will score two free tix valid at any AMC movie theater in the U.S.

Good luck!

Update: contest over; our winner has been chosen. Thanks for all the comments! Look for our next contest in this space, on Twitter, or our Facebook page.

Happy Diwali from kgbdeals!

The days are getting longer and colder, and I’ve noticed my usually-chipper Twitter stream is suddenly clogged with the gripes, grumbles, and vacation pinings of the people I follow. Yup, it’s that’s time of year when suddenly lots of people need a little pick-me-up.

It’s timely, then, that today is the middle of the five-day celebration of Diwali, the Hindu “festival of lights.” A celebration rich with good-triumphs-over-evil symbolism, all over the world families celebrate by breaking out new clothes, having a fancy meal, and generally celebrating togetherness. (See some beautiful Diwali photos here.)

Diwali fireworks over Mumbai. Photo by Ashwin John via Flickr

A typically Indian affair, Diwali celebrations are spreading to the States, too. President Obama is the first US president officially to recognize and celebrate the holiday;  digital marketing king Seth Godin is also commemorating the festival to push a positivity. I’m personally in favor of an event this time of year that’s bright, colorful, and involving food.

Diwali treats. Photo by npmeijer via Flickr

To get you into the spirit for some Diwali-celebrating this weekend, here are a few India-related kgbdeals:

  • East or West,  get your curry fix at either of the the two Kirin Indian Cusine locations in Midtown Manhattan for just $2.
  • Diwali is big in the nation of Burma. San Franciscans can experiment with 50% off Burmese food, a cuisine that combines spices, curries, stir fries, and coconut in incredibly savory ways.

Happy Diwali!

Are kgbdealists wound tight?

Playing around on the company’s Facebook page — don’t you love that social media passes as work these days? — kgbdeals agents recently asked what would be your idea of a “best deal.”

The responses rolled in fast and strong: a cruise! travel! free or near-free electronics! And then a pattern emerged: kgbdealists want massages.

we hear you.

(And kgbdealmakers are listening: massage deals are currently running in Chicago, Phoenix, L.A., two in Philly, two in Atlanta, San Franciso, Minneapolis, Denver, and NYC.)

Why are you all so stressed out, clamoring after deep tissue kneading? Relax! We’ve curated a few of the best relaxation tips just for you:

  1. Rather than trying to relax by doing nothing, do something — systematically. Choose one item on your to do list and do it singlemindedly. No multitasking!
  2. Picture yourself relaxed. Yup, sometimes 30 seconds of this is all it takes to lower your heart rate. Close yours eyes and picture your happy, smiling, floating-through-life self.
  3. Practice mindfulness. Study the details of something physically around you, giving your environment your full attention and presence.
  4. De-rut yourself for the day. After work, do something by yourself that you wouldn’t normally do. Take a book to a coffeeshop or go on a leisurely walk.
  5. Download a meditation app on your smartphone.
  6. Laugh. Watch an episode of your favorite comedy online or read a funny blog.

Bottom line: breathe, kgbdealists.


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